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Space SMEs fight for better conditions

Highly innovative Space SMEs from the Lake Constance region are struggling for funds, essential for their survival. The member of the Bundestag Lothar Riebsamen (CDU) visited local businesses and spoke to representatives from ASP-Equipment, SpaceTech, BSSE, and HEMA about these challenges.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Lake Constance region make an important contribution to the success of the German Space sector. Nevertheless, they are concerned for the future: according to their complaints – available funds go mostly to the large system integrators (LSI). Since a majority of the money is used for large projects such as the launcher Ariane-6 and the life extension of the ISS, very little remains for the German Space SMEs for crucial innovations and industry-related R&D activities, says Waldemar Dechent, CEO at ASP Equipment GmbH in Salem.

Lothar Riebsamen is convinced of the highly innovative capabilities of the Space SMEs and their quality products: ”They inhibit an immense potential. A lot of genuine ideas are forged and implemented in small and medium enterprises. Their competitiveness has to be maintained. I am going to carry their concern to Berlin; a number of concrete contacts have already been established.”

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